Monday, March 30, 2009

This is a service project for the UCSF Children's Hospital. This little hospital gown goes on a doll which we also make. The kids who have operations etc. get one and the doctors have a set with doctors, nurces, O2 masks, IVs and stuff to help explain what will happen them while they are in the hospital. The OT department really appreciates getting these dolls and some of the kids even bring them back when they have repeat visits. Origionally they only had their set of dolls and would use them to show what they were going to go through, but this way the kids design the face on their own doll and get to keep it.

My Stake has been making these for three years and they make about 250 a year of this size and about the same amount in a smaller size. I enjoy doing them but as you can see there are a lot to finish this year because we did not have as many volunteers at the project day and I said I would bring them home and finish these. About two more days an we are done.

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