Sunday, March 29, 2009

We are currently in the Delta RV park and marina. It is located near Rio Vista, California. The wind has been very bad. Sometimes we think we might have to file a flight plan. We met a wonderful couple and we are having fun. As you can see this park is on grassland or grass mush some would say. It is made up from peat from the delta and can be mushy. Day before yesterday they had to tow out a big rig behind us. You drop off the road down about a foot and when you turn the corners, it feel like you are going to turn over. We are here for only one week and will return to Turtle Beach Thousand Trails on Thursday April 2nd. This park is about 15 miles from town so you had better have everything you need before you arrive. It is near one of the main channels for large ships to go to Stockton and Sacramento from the bay. Every once and a while you look up and see the communication tower of a very large ship moving across the island. There is also great fishing in the area and the park has it's own Pier where you can dock your boat or just fish from. It is very unprotected and the wind is quite awful, but the fish is good.

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  1. Rio Vista up north from Antioch? I can't keep track of you guys! What's for